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Welcome Place (Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc.) has been welcoming refugees from around the world for over 70 years. While our core services to Government sponsored refugees is government funded, the In Canada Protection Program, refugee claimants, relies on private funding. From January 2017 to mid March, we’ve seen over 200. This is not sustainable for our staff or financially. To meet the needs of assisting an estimated 1000 refugee claimants in the next year, we have to expand our program, which relies on compassionate and well trained staff.
With global attention and a grant of $110,000 from the Government of Manitoba , Welcome Place has been able to raise enough funds to support a dedicated program with proper staffing and supplies for almost six months. We need to raise enough funds to sustain the program for a full year. We have a $300,000 shortfall which is the campaigns goal. Throughout the three month appeal, you will be hearing stories of what we do and the people we help through social media, news outlets and messages from prominent Canadians.


This fund is intended to provide direct aid to those arriving in Emerson, Manitoba. It will be used to provide basic necessities upon arrival: food, shelter, warm clothes, etc.

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